OK my stout stamp compatriots, time to bundle up, hunker down and update our respective collection books.  Fire up those light therapy lamps and cut out that procrastination.

I have updated the Newsletter Page here with the November 2019 ESC news.  Thanks Frank!  I was bummed to read that the trip to Bellefonte was cancelled.  It is a very cool little town with some nice restaurants, plenty of history, and of course the American Philatelic Society.

It was great seeing the information on Mr. ZIP in the newsletter.  I have been entertained by the characteristic, charismatic Mister Z for some time.  More detailed information on this postal icon can be found here.

Happy Thanksgiving and happy sledding season.  ~WTH~

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Updated Events, Stamp News

I have added some new links to the Upcoming Events here, including one in Kissimmee Florida– just in case you Erie folks want to go somewhere warm for a stamp show.

A new semipostal stamp is set to drop on December 2, in support of treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder.

A very nice stamp design for the 2019 Christmas season was issued recently by Great Britain’s Royal Mail.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.


Happy Autumn, Happy Halloween Collectors!

Hello once again,

Frank mailed me the most recent newsletter (OCT 2019 along with a very nice note, inspiring me to update our website and get back on the horse so to speak.  Ta-Da! – (drumroll please) –  here you will find the PDF file for the October Newsletter.  I do still have my back issues on file, so I will be posting them here as well (as I find time to scan them).  You can always check which ERIE STAMP CLUB  newsletters are available online by clicking the NEWSLETTERS link in the right sidebar.

One of the nice things about having a website is the ability to provide quick links to other sources of information. Notice that in the right sidebar, there is an UPCOMING EVENTS link.  I plan to add some other links that will be of interest to you, so check back often.

Once I get my update schedule established I will start an email list that you can join, so you can receive email alerts whenever changes are available on the website.  Again, check back here for more info on that.

If you have any questions about or suggestions for this website, shoot me an email.  Thanks!  ~Tom~


June 22, 2019

Wow! I bet you thought this blog would never come back online.  Well, I’m finally getting back to it.  Frank has been a huge help in keeping me updated on what’s going on with the club.  If you’re not aware, I no longer live in Erie, I’m now 2000 miles west, in Boise Idaho.  Hence, these past few months have had me getting my new geographical sea legs.  Anyhoo…

First off, I wanted to post this information about the upcoming ERIE STAMP SHOW 2019- August 17 from 10am-4pm.Erie stamp show 2019 - Edited

Second, I will be posting the most recent newsletters here very soon- and putting in new links that may be of interest to you faithful members.

My apologies for the delays.  Thanks again to Frank for keeping me in the loop.  More soon–  ~Tom~

POSTSCRIPT~ if you want to contact me, my email is

New USPS Rates

OK folks – it now costs us 55 cents for a 1 ounce first class postage stamp (up a nickel).  BUT… the cost of an ADDITIONAL OUNCE stamp dropped from 21 cents to just 15 cents (down 6 pennies).  So, I encourage you to use heavier paper, or stuff more pages into your envelopes to recover that 1 penny value!

I will be away from Erie for the middle part of February, so I may be absent from the meetings.  Rest assured I’m keeping up with this fast paced hobby!  Note the new menu item at the top of each page.  Yep, I have a page for upcoming ESC newsletters in PDF format!  The Nov/Dec 2018 newsletter is already there. Go check it out.

STAMPS; they take a licking, then keep on sticking.  *NOTE* I do not recommend licking the self adhesives.

Thanks, enjoy the cold for just a bit longer.  Puxatony Phil predicts an early spring.  Thank you giant rodent!  ~TH~

January 10, 2019

Hello, and hats off to any intrepid members who made it out to the January 10 meeting.  My own day consisted of slip-sliding on Erie streets all day, so I opted to stay home.

I wanted you to know that I plan to begin scanning the Erie Stamp Club newsletters and making them available here on the website soon.

Our next meeting is scheduled for Thursday, January 24.  ~Tom~

Thanks For checking In

Greetings friendly philatelists!  I’ll be busy in my spare time knocking this website into shape for the club.  Eventually you’ll find links to stamp collecting news, meeting information, events and more.  I’m looking forward to the work.  In the meantime, here’s a quick link to the Linns website, so you can see what the latest scuttlebutt is in the world of collecting.  Enjoy!  ~Tom~