Now That We’re Locked In…

OK, let’s face it; we all have more time on our hands, right?  Time to get the stamp boxes sorted… AND-

Here is a link to this weeks information on the APS STAMP CHAT series.  They will be using the Zoom platform for this.  April 13-17.  Check it out!

Here is a link to Exploring Stamps, a marvelous exploration into the details of interesting stamp originations hosted by Graham Beck.  Always entertaining.

How about a link to another popular series TED TALKS STAMPS – no, it’s not a Ted Talk, it’s a stamp enthusiast named Ted; quite entertaining.

Hey, don’t be bored during your time indoors, check out these stamp related links.  Stay healthy ESC.  W Hitt

Some New Explorations



I recently ran across the website for the France & Colonies Philatelic Society (I have added the site to our links page).

They have an abundance of international collecting sites on their links page, some very fascinating websites.  One of my favorites is The Royal Philatelic Society London.  Quite the fun rabbit hole to fall into.  If you have some time, I recommend visiting the site.

Enjoy your explorations. 

Comments, suggestions or questions about our own website? Click here, thanks!  WTH

Other Philatelic Clubs


I have been adding new links to various parts of your Erie Stamp Club website.   One of my favorite online searches is to find other club websites, which I list for you in the LINKS part of this site.   Under the heading ‘Other Stamp Clubs’ you can quickly visit stamp clubs and access their newsletters and other information about their processes.

As you can see, I recently added a link to the Buffalo Stamp Club, and spent an enjoyable thirty minutes reading some of their newsletters.  They also have an interesting page on their site concerning the postal history in Buffalo New York.

Do you have ideas for your ESC website?

Be sure to visit your Erie Stamp Club website often for new information; and not just about us!  If you have any suggestions for your website, send me your ideas.  I’d love to hear what you have to say.  Thanks,  WTH

Welcome to January 2020

Hello collectors,


I spent some time this morning updating the UPCOMING SHOWS here at the Erie Stamp Club website.  If you enjoy traveling you will want to check some of these out. They are listed on the right side of this page.


While compiling the dates, I ran across the MILCOPEX website.  They have posted some very interesting videos on YouTube from their 2019 show, check it out and see if there are any topics you’re interested in.

Welcome to the new year, hope you’re enjoying your website.  WTH