Souvenir Sheets from Wilkinsburg Stamp Club

Volume 18, Issue 12, July 2020 newsletter of the Wilkinsburg Stamp Club outlines the ongoing satirical souvenir sheets they offer.  These issues are quite fun, and many are available by mail.  Linn’s Stamp News featured the souvenir sheets in their May 25 2020 edition in a 2 page article.

Screenshot 2020-07-07 at 2.44.16 PM.png

If you want more information on how you can get your hands on some of these, visit the Wilkinsburg Stamp Club website.  WTH

Message regarding this weeks meeting

A message from Frank Sovec:


We will be able to hold our regularly scheduled meeting on Thursday, July 9th. The Church is allowing us to use their meeting room provided we follow their guidelines below. There is also more Club information below these guidelines.

This will be our first meeting in four months and many important issues must be decided. Expect a long business meeting followed by the auction.

All those who are concerned about the future of our Club should make every effort to attend. You can only participate in the decision-making process by being in attendance.

When viewing items for auction, you should only touch the items on which you will be bidding and limit the time you are doing so to give others a viewing opportunity as well.

Please come early – be sure you are wearing your mask inside and even when outdoors around other members.

See you soon,

Frank Sovec




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The Collectors Club Virtual


The Collectors Club in New York hosts a virtual video meeting every Wednesday at 5:30PM EST.  These meetings are very well run (at least the one I already saw).  Here are the details.

On Wednesday June 24 at 5:30pm EDT, the Collectors Club will be hosting ““Three Philatelic True Stories” a live, virtual program presentation by – Bill Schultz, West Chester, PA using Zoom technology.  Click HERE for more info and to register for the June 24 event.

Happy collecting!  WTH

Into June We Go…


Hello stamp folks. The Erie Stamp Club email list received some sad news from Frank Sovec- here is the message he typed:

I hate to be the bearer of sad tidings, but if you haven’t seen the obituaries yet, our good friend and newsletter editor John Tomikel passed away on May 20th. I know his presence will be sorely missed at our meetings.

The meeting normally scheduled for May 28 has been cancelled. I spoke with Gary Diley and we decided it was in the best interest of the membership to cancel in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. Hopefully we can go forward with the meeting scheduled for June 11th but I’ll let you know.

I spoke to Reverend Charles McClung of the Church. At this time it is closed to everybody. He will be meeting with his Board of Directors this Wednesday evening in regard to this, plus their Church functions & congregation. He will call me with the results of that meeting on Thursday morning. He did say that if we wanted to hold a meeting in the parking lot there would be no objection or charge. Be well !! Frank M. Sovec – Secretary / Treasurer, Erie Stamp Club

I just wanted to be certain that members had access to this information, even if you are not on the email list.  WTH

May 2020, and Beyond!

Greetings stamp fans.  – The May 2020 newsletter has been sent out.  I have added it to the newsletter archive.

At this time our meetings are still on hold.  If you’re on the email list for the Erie Stamp Club you may have received a note from George regarding the upcoming May 28 auction.  At this point it has been discussed that the auction may be on, but with the current standards of distancing, mask wearing and so forth.  If I hear any updates as the date gets closer, I will post the information here on your club blog.

I encourage you to send George Tarcia your email address and ask to be added to the club email list.   —  The email is[at]

(Note that you need to place the @ sign in the proper space, replacing my placeholder).   This will help the club organizers get you timely updates on the status of meetings and auctions.

I will also post any pertinent information right here as quickly as possible.  Stay safe, and continue to enjoy the hobby of kings and queens.  WTH

Questions or suggestions for this website?  Contact me directly by clicking here, thanks!


Stamp Blogs? Yes, Please!

I’m keeping up now with more blogs that I have enjoyed for quite some time, but real life interrupted me.  Well, now that no one has a “real life” anymore, I thought I would share some blogs I follow.  The first is quite good, Punk Philatelist.  Check it out, and subscribe if you like it.

If you find yourself interested in multiple blogs, you might want to try out a feed aggregator.  Sounds complicated.  It isn’t.  Read about how to use one here.

London’s Mail Rail- virtual tour!

From the Linn’s Stamp News on Facebook, we have a link to a ten minute virtual tour of London’s Mail Rail, which travelled underground for over 75 years – all the way up to 2003.  This video is available for free viewing while the postal museum is closed during this COVID-19 pandemic.  The video is very well done, definitely worth watching.  Don’t miss this one!


USPS News + Newsletters

I updated the NEWSLETTERS here on our website this morning, so if you have misplaced your recent newsletters, possibly buried under junk food wrappers, just visit our newsletter page.

In mid-April the USPS reported that new issue stamp sales have increased due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  I myself have been sending out letters to friends and family quite often.  Be sure to check out some of the newest issues available at the USPS.  Stay safe fellow members.  WTH