June 22, 2019

Wow! I bet you thought this blog would never come back online.  Well, I’m finally getting back to it.  Frank has been a huge help in keeping me updated on what’s going on with the club.  If you’re not aware, I no longer live in Erie, I’m now 2000 miles west, in Boise Idaho.  Hence, these past few months have had me getting my new geographical sea legs.  Anyhoo…

First off, I wanted to post this information about the upcoming ERIE STAMP SHOW 2019- August 17 from 10am-4pm.Erie stamp show 2019 - Edited

Second, I will be posting the most recent newsletters here very soon- and putting in new links that may be of interest to you faithful members.

My apologies for the delays.  Thanks again to Frank for keeping me in the loop.  More soon–  ~Tom~

POSTSCRIPT~ if you want to contact me, my email is tomhitt@ymail.com

Author: Walter Hitt

Writer. I write. Sometimes I conjugate.

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